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Cleantech from Swerod

World-leading energy storage technology

Since Swerod was formed in 2006, the company has developed its world-leading technology for heating and cooling storage. The development towards complete and commercial solutions has taken place in close cooperation with the company Climator Sweden AB, based in Skövde, which produces ClimSel, the PCM material used in Swerod's products. The development of Swerod's energy storage rods has also taken place in close cooperation with the Institute of Energy Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Swerod has its head offices in Katrineholm with production in Katrineholm and Skövde.

Customized solutions

Because every Swerod project is unique, our work is based entirely on customized solutions. We are responsible for the system design and for delivering Swerods, as well as a tank solution scaled to the project size, if requested. The installation work is normally carried out by an independent HVAC contractor, who receives technical support to guarantee the installation of a fully-functioning and energy-saving Swerod solution.

Swerod technology permits a wide range of applications for energy savings, with regards to heating, air conditioning and hot water. Please contact us for more detailed information about the possibilities on offer.