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The energy rods consist of a specially selected plastic material that provides a stable, temperature resistant and leak-proof storage of the PCM, and has properties that give good conductivity for efficient transfer of energy through the energy-rod's cover. The energy rods are supplied with a type of ClimSel that is tailored to the project with a specific melting point. After being filled with ClimSel, each rod is hermetically sealed to avoid any unwanted leaks.

Swerods consist of a temperature-resistant and stable polypropylene, forming a hermetically sealed container for the PCM.

Swerod tanks

Swerods are placed in water tanks, forming an energy storage unit. Swerod tanks can be pressurized rectangular containers that are connected to an energy storage unit. The tanks are available in five standard sizes up to 5 m3. Sufficient capacity for the energy storage unit is achieved by combining the appropriate number of tanks and tank sizes, Naturally, existing tanks can also be adapted to create an energy storage device. A 5 m3 tank can hold approximately 1,000 Swerods, capable of storing 3-400 kWh depending on the type of ClimSel.

Heat exchangers are positioned with circulation pump by inlets and outlets in order to completely separate the energy storage unit from the building's water-borne heating/cooling system.

Paired Swerod tanks with energy rods.