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Cold storage

Cold storage can be arranged in exactly the same way as heat storage, but with energy rods containing another type of ClimSel with a lower melting point. Swerod technology can be used in many different ways for cold storage, including the following interesting solutions.

Air conditioning via ventilation units 7-12°

This is a 7-12 system with water chillers for air conditioning via a ventilation system. A water chiller withabout half the cooling power requirement is installed. The chiller is used to cool the cold storage overnight. During the day, the cold energy stored during the night is used while the chiller is running. Combined, this provides all the power and cooling needs. If there is already a chiller with full power requirements installed, this can produceup to double the cold/cooling capacity with Swerod cold storage. This system offers a number of benefits. Reduced energy consumption and power output, lower installation costs, free condenser heat to utilize, better efficiency at night if the chiller is air cooled and possibly cheaper electricity at night. District cooling can be provided at night and reduce the peak power required during the day if the temperatures provided at night match the phase change temperature in the storage.

Air conditioning via chilled beams 13-17°

A 13-17 system for chilled beams based on the storage of the outside air/night air cooling energy can also be used in a Swerod system. A cold store can be loaded with cold night air, or district cooling as described above, during the summer. Through a dry cooler connected to the system, cool night air can be transferred to cold storage through a freeze-proof water-borne system. As the outside air cools, the proportion of energy purchased decreases as the free energy/cooling from the outside air is used fully.