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Heat storage

Solar energy/free heat/surplus heat

With a solar heating system, heat energy can be optimally utilized by storing heat during the day and using it for heating at night. Low temperatures from the sun's heat can also store large amounts of energy at the appropriate phase change temperature, which is adapted to the building's heating return temperature. All types of water-borne free or waste heat that is not needed immediately can be stored and used later when needed. Heat transfer from chillers, compressors, waste heat from processes, etc.

Airborne comfort cooling

The heating storage described above can also be used in combination with the EFIcool ventilation units included in our SmartPac concept. The units produce cool air through a process known as desiccant cooling. Heat is used to dry incoming air, and through evaporative cooling the supply air temperature can be lowered by up to 15 degrees. As more heat is supplied, more cooling is produced. Feel free to download our EFItech brochure or contact us.