Swerod | optimal energilagring

Energy storage on
a new level

Capture free energy and
use it when needed

Swerod is an optimal technology for daily storage of heating or cooling energy in a building's water-borne system and the efficient use of various types of free energy such as solar, surplus heat and outdoor air cooling.

With Swerod, a completely new level of heat and cold storage efficiency can be achieved – with up to 15 times greater storage capacity than water – and fully adapted to greener and more climate aware energy consumption. Heat from solar energy or waste heat is collected during the day, stored efficiently in a Swerod tank and is then used during the night. Cooling can be produced more cheaply and effectively at night, be stored in a Swerod tank and used during the day. With energy storage systems from Swerod, energy production and energy consumption can be separated in time – and energy consumption can be reduced drastically. Moving energy in time!

  • Perfect solution for solar energy/free energy
  • Up to 15 times greater energy storage compared with water
  • Doubled cooling effect
  • Considerably reduced energy consumption
  • Virtually year-round solution

In a system for solar energy heat storage, heat is collected via the solar collector during the day and stored in Swerods in a water tank, then used during daylight hours when the building requires heating to be supplied. During the spring, summer and autumn, this can provide most of the building's heating and warm water requirements – using free energy!